SaaS Customer Acquisition With SEO

Want more booked demo calls and signups for your software? Boterns is the SaaS SEO partner to help you smash your SaaS growth goals, and x10 your MRR faster. We focus on driving customers and revenue. Not rankings and keywords.

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SEO Management & Consulting

We’ll make organic search the primary customer acquisition engine for your SaaS  business – 100% done for you.

Revenue-Focused Content Creation

Build the content that your audience actually wants, then convert them into paying customers.

Link Building & Digital Promotion

We’ll build high quality, impactful backlinks that’ll actually help scale customer acquisition through organic search.

Trust ReefTrust Reef

We have 10+ years of experience with SaaS SEO. So our strategies are battle tested. Think stability & predictability!

David Kostya

David Kostya

Customer Success, Boterns LLC

Faster SEO Results for your SaaS Business

Boterns helps your SaaS company prioritize, create, update and promote highly converting content to quickly out-perform your competition, through actual demos and signups.


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Our 4 Step Process

How we help your SaaS drive more targeted traffic and sales through SEO, all within budget.


Keyword Research

We start with in-depth keyword research to pinpoint precise opportunities for your business.


Content Marketing

We then leverage strategic content creation to engage visitors, converting them into loyal customers.


Link Building

Couple this with strategic link-building campaigns to fortify your website's authority, and drive organic traffic.


Market Research

Finally, we analyze trends, competitors, and audience behaviors, to tailor strategies that meet the demands of your target market.

Fast track growth and scale your SaaS with SEO

How about you scale your SaaS businesses from seed funding through to acquisition and IPO with organic search? We'll do just that - scale your customer acquisition through search!



Quality works


Successful projects

SaaS SEO brings more qualified visitors to your website, communicates value to your potential customers, amplifies branding efforts, and slashes advertising spend. SaaS behemoths like HubSpot, Canva, and Zapier have leveraged SEO to drive exceptional growth over the years.

Choosing the best B2B SaaS SEO agency is easiest when you identify your needs and limitations. For example, if you don’t have an internal content team, you’ll definitely want to partner with an agency that does SEO and content. (Some SEO agencies only offer recommendations/consulting).

The precise timing of return on our SaaS marketing strategies depends on many factors, like industry competition, promotional channels, and brand recognition. Typically, SEO campaigns results appear in 3-12 months, if you publish the content we create and the recommendations we make. We’ll help you  turn your search engine results into the top pipeline driver for your SaaS within 12 months.


Keyword Research is the most important step in the beginning of a SaaS SEO strategy. You’ll begin with keyword research to make sure you’re going after the right keywords in Google. This ensures your SEO strategy has a direction to head in. Keywords are the basis of how people use Google to find the solution they’re looking for. Your SaaS SEO strategy must begin with effective keyword research.

Backlinks is still one of the top ranking factors in Google. Therefore, promoting your brand to others is at the fundamental core of our SaaS SEO marketing strategy. Link building helps promote your brand, while providing you with authoritative signals that tell Google your site is more important than others and should outrank them. Besides a high-quality content strategy and excellent user engagement on your site, links are still very critical in any effective SaaS SEO strategy.

With SaaS SEO marketing services ranging in price from hundreds to tens of thousands, estimating costs can be murky. However, at Boterns our pricing matches the impact and quality of our services. Our range typically spans $2,500 to $10,000+ per month, depending on factors like competition, capabilities, and goals.

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