How to Write Product Roundup Posts for your SaaS that Drive Deals

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What is a product roundup post? 

It’s basically any article that you write to review products in a similar category.

That said, your product roundup post may massively underperform if it features the wrong compilations and is generally executed incorrectly. 

CMI discovered that 57% of SaaS marketers struggle to create the right content for audiences, including roundup posts, which illustrates the extent of the problem. 

However, if you get it right, your roundup post can skyrocket social shares and pull in traffic quickly. This is why you should know how to write roundup posts for your SaaS as they hold immense lead generation potential.

They can also help you ease buyer research and build your industry authority to position your SaaS product as the go-to solution. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to write product roundup posts for your SaaS that drive deals and help you get more high-quality leads and conversions. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Include numbers in your headline 

Do you want your roundup post to perform well? 

That may be really difficult to achieve if your headline is not magnetic enough to call for the reader’s attention and every other step you make thereafter may be in vain. 

If your headline is generally not impactful and clickable, you may fail to get enough click-throughs to make your SaaS roundup post a success. 

In fact, 99% of all article headlines get a click-through rate of less than 6% on average, according to a study by the NHB. This means that there’s certainly a lot of room for improvement.

So if you’d like to know how to write roundup posts for your SaaS that instantly grab attention, you should include numbers and learn how to make your headlines clickable.

Writing product roundup posts - Include numbers in your headline

Numbers can help you quantify the value a reader can expect from you, and this specificity is what is likely to capture a lead’s attention. 

Besides using numbers, it’s also important that you define what’s in it for your reader. For instance, you can say, “10 SaaS tools that are guaranteed to double your productivity”. This works because it specifies value and promises a positive outcome. 

Exemplifi, a website-building platform, had a lot of content on its website but it was just not delivering the desired traffic and conversions. 

However, they eventually boosted lead generation by improving content quality. This involved reworking article titles to include numbers and keywords, incorporating more links and generally optimizing their content.  

2. Create long-form content 

It can be hard for you to rank with short-form content. 

With this type of post, you may not be able to adequately address a topic in-depth and this can leave your readers with unanswered questions. 

So if you write very scanty product roundup posts, you may not satisfactorily match search intent and this can make it harder for you to rank.

In fact, long-form content gets 77% more referring domain links compared to shorter content, and therefore ranks better as a result, according to Backlinko. This proves that short-form content may not be the best way to go. 

What is a good word count for product roundup posts? 

From our experience, round posts with between 2,500 to 3,500 words tend to deliver the best results. They give you enough leg room to cover a topic and satisfactorily address your reader’s concerns. 

Writing product roundup posts - Create long form content

Additionally, this also gives you more opportunities to drive more backlinks, which can certainly help you to get more traffic. 

If you require assistance drafting long-form content that can help you close more SaaS deals, Boterns is the SaaS marketing agency for you.

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AZ Family Dental set out on a mission to publish long-form articles for five months, hoping to widen their audience and jumpstart traffic

One long-form post they published got nearly 4,000 pageviews and 140 social shares, and their long-form articles have helped them get more traffic and conversions from their SaaS blog. 

3. Enrich with embedded videos 

Your page view duration is very important. 

If your readers spend very little time on your product round-up post, search engines may take this to mean that leads are not finding your post useful. 

As a result, the lack of interactive elements like video can negatively impact on your post’s rankings because this can lower your page view durations.

Wyzowl established that 91% of marketers today say video has helped them get more traffic to their blog posts, so you could be missing out big time if your roundup post doesn’t have video. 

You can choose to create your videos from scratch or include demo videos from the products you’ve featured, which can help you save time and still make your page engaging enough to hold attention. 

Writing product roundup posts - Enrich with embedded video

Speaking of video, our SaaS marketing agency provides highly captivating video marketing services. From demo videos to testimonials, we can help you showcase your brand very interactively to help you increase inbound calls.

Click here to book a call with us so that we can get started on making your SaaS business a video marketing strategy that will help you boost conversions & retention. 

TeleportHQ, a website builder platform, had a lot of text-heavy content on its SaaS blog which made it difficult for them to attract traffic. 

By incorporating more videos into their articles, they achieved higher rankings and were able to grow their subscriber base for their blog. This has since helped them to accelerate lead generation.  

4. Make it skimmable

Readers may not get to the end of your post.

When your product round-up post is a wall of words, your readers may even decide that it’s not worth reading all the way down, and they may leave the page altogether.

So if your article is not skimmable and doesn’t communicate value at a glance, your readers may not stick around long enough for you to land a conversion. 

In fact, HubSpot has discovered that 43% of people skim blog posts instead of reading them and this means that there’s a good chance that your product round-up article may fail if it is not skimmable. 

So how can you make your post more skimmable? 

If you want to master how to write roundup posts for your SaaS that a skimmer can read, you should use lists. For instance, you can highlight product strengths and shortcomings as bullet points to help your reader make up their minds quickly.

Writing product roundup posts - Make it skimmable

You can also use citations, quotes, italics, and other evocative styling options to make your content easier to digest.

At the very least, you should break up your content into headings and subheadings, which will allow your readers to zero in on sections that they find to be most necessary for their goals. 

Squadhelp desired to create a content marketing strategy that would help generate more buzz for their product and increase leads and revenue

They eventually raised $306,000 in conversions by crafting an excellent roundup post, which featured lots of skimmable elements that enabled them to increase the average time spent on the page. 

5. Provide social proof 

You don’t want your SaaS roundup post to feel one-sided. 

However, it can sometimes feel like you’re just putting down your competitor’s products in favor of your own without providing any concrete evidence to back it up. 

If you fail to provide social proof, your product round posts may not feel objective and you could also be subject to a lawsuit if you make unfounded claims. 

BrightLocal determined that 50% of your audience values user-generated reviews as much as recommendations from a family member. So the lack of social proof in your post can make it hard for you to establish trust.

The good news is that you have multiple ways to include social proof in your article.

For instance, you can get user-generated reviews from SaaS review websites, which enables you to incorporate real and honest user feedback in your roundup post. 

Writing product roundup posts - Provide social proof

When choosing social proof stories, I recommend that you focus on negative reviews that highlight a failure of a product that your solution excels at. This can help you paint your SaaS product as the better alternative. 

You can also obtain reviews from press releases, which provide third-party endorsement to help you add credibility to your post. 

MitoQ operated in a very fierce eCommerce market, which made it very challenging for them to meet their expansion goals. 

It was able to improve credibility and grow conversions by using TrustPilot to collect genuine user reviews that they would incorporate into their content marketing to help them build trust. 

6. Make your writing personal 

A distant tone can make your post feel uninspiring. 

Worse yet, if you don’t make your writing personal and conversational, you may give off the impression that you have not even used the products you’re reviewing.

An impersonal style of writing can therefore decrease engagement for your SaaS product roundup post and it may even cast doubts about its legitimacy. 

Interestingly, 98% of marketers believe that personalization failures in marketing can hold back customer success, traffic, and conversions. So the lack of personalization comes at a very high cost and has severe repercussions. 

If you want to make your writing feel more personal and desire to connect with your reader better, you should use the first-person perspective which makes your lead feel part of the story. 

Writing product roundup posts - Make your writing personal

It also helps if you sign up for free trials of the products you’re reviewing so that you will be able to write the product roundup post from first-hand experience. Doing this will help you add authority and authenticity to your article. 

Furthermore, I also recommend that you tap into universal feelings and themes so that you can resonate with your audience in terms of emotion., which provides an order management platform, had 100+ blog posts that were practically not bringing in any traffic and conversions for their SaaS business. 

However, they ended up improving blog conversions by 39X when they implemented a new content marketing strategy, part of which involved creating buyer personas that enabled content personalization. 

7. Use long-tail keywords 

Short-tail keywords can lead to low conversion rates. 

One of the reasons behind this is that they tend to be very broad in nature and generate very low-quality or irrelevant traffic from your post. 

You’ll also find that short-tail keywords are very competitive and also tend to have low buyer intent, making your round post not to perform well. 

In fact, long tail keywords makeup over 91% of search queries, according to a Backlinko study. If you focus on short-tail keywords when writing your product roundup posts, you may as well be leaving money on the table. 

So I believe knowing what type of keywords to use is a crucial part of figuring out how to write roundup posts for your SaaS. 

Writing product roundup posts - Use long-tail keywords

You may find great success with long-term keywords, which are not only less competitive but can also help you drive targeted organic traffic. 

However, many other factors influence the effectiveness of keywords. This is why you need the assistance of an experienced SaaS marketing agency to help you find the right keywords for your SaaS brand. 

Click here to book a discovery call so that we can formulate a keyword strategy that can help you attract the right audience. 

Fleetcover wanted to get more leads but the problem was that it had a very tight budget and so had to do so organically. 

Fortunately, they were able to increase client leads by 751% and this was largely because they focused on strategic long-tail keywords and other organic content marketing strategies that helped them rank higher. 

8. Link to existing content 

Links affect both your website’s rankings and authority. 

The fewer links you have in your roundup posts, the lower the likelihood that search engines will view your posts as useful and well researched.

What’s more, if you don’t use enough internal links in your content, leads may not spend a lot of time on your website and this can decrease the chances of a conversion. 

It’s worth pointing out that over 67% of SEO experts say that links have a massive impact on search engine rankings, according to a study by uSERP. So if you fail to include internal links, your post may not achieve its full potential. 

When you’re including links in your post, I recommend that you do so strategically. For instance, you can naturally link to key features of your product at relevant points, which can help you make a very subtle pitch for your product as you go along.

Writing product roundup posts - Link to existing content

Additionally, you can also include links to purely informational pages, which can help readers discover more of your content and spend time on your website, which is good for both SEO and sales. 

You may also include external links to original sources of statistics or data, which can help you fortify your credibility. 

UpperRanks created high-quality content for a test website but they didn’t do any link building and they found traffic hard to come by. 

After adding authoritative links, they doubled organic traffic to the blog in 18 months. They achieved this without changing anything content-wise, except for adding links to various educational resources they already had on their site. 

9. Choose the right competitors 

The wrong choice of competitors can also be damaging.

If, for instance, you choose vendors with poor market authority and negative publicity, this may negatively impact your SaaS brand and tarnish your image. 

On the other hand, if you feature products that are superior in every way to your own solution, then you may be pushing your leads away as well. 

G2 has determined that 86% of software buyers research SaaS solutions online, trying out different brands before they make a purchase. If you include the right brands in your post, you can therefore simplify this part of your buyer’s journey. 

Overall, I advise that you feature vendors who have a great marketing standing but they have a key flaw that your product crucially addresses. This can help you present your SaaS product as a more holistic solution for your leads’ needs. 

Writing product roundup posts - Choose the right competitors

When you go with more established vendors who are already a powerhouse in their niche, you may be able to tap into their large readership to promote your own brand and SaaS product. 

It’s also important that you prioritize vendors who are open to collaborating with you and sharing your work on their networks because they can help you boost your reach as well. 

AttendanceBot had a hard time standing out and that was largely due to the similarity of features with their competitors’ products. 

However, they eventually boosted organic traffic by 200% using product-led content marketing, which encompassed the use of how-to and product roundup posts that help them build topical authority. 

10. Finish with a CTA

How you conclude your compilation is also key.

Without well-designed call-to-actions, your product roundup post is like a journey without a destination. After your readers are done reading it, they may be unsure of what to do next. 

If you lack a clear call to action at the end of your roundup post, you may struggle to turn your readers into sign-ups for your SaaS product. 

Gartner recently established that 48% of website visitors will leave a web page without interacting with it, which substantiates just why you need to use well defined CTAs in your roundup post.

So a key part of knowing how to write roundup posts for your SaaS is mastering how to write enticing CTAs that compel your reader to action.

Writing product roundup posts - Finish with a CTA

You can make your CTA more successful by personalizing your call-to-action copy, which can help you deliver greater relevance. Additionally, coloring your CTA button differently can also make it stand out and draw attention from readers. 

Besides including your CTA at the tail end of your product post, you should also include it at the beginning because many of your readers may not get to the end of the article. 

Atlas, a popular workspace provider, had a great service offer but they were not getting enough bookings for their product tour. 

They managed to increase conversions by 852% by reworking the design of their primary CTA to make it more appealing enough and also by including it more often in their articles. 


Poor SaaS content can lead to low-quality leads.

You can generate massive traffic but very little of it may end up in sales.

So when your product round-up posts are not up to standard, they may waste your marketing budget and still fail to deliver significant results. 

Semrush determined that 45% of marketers believe that the biggest problem with content marketing is attracting high-quality leads, which is partly caused by off-the-mark SaaS content.

This is why you should know how to write roundup posts for your SaaS business that drive deals by attracting higher-quality leads. 

Click here to schedule a free discovery with an expert so we can help you put together a SaaS marketing strategy that will attract the right kind of traffic through strategic content marketing. 

With our services, you can create high-quality content for your SaaS business which will help you educate leads about your SaaS products and turn them into loyal and paying customers for your brand.  

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