SaaS Marketing 101: 10 Timeless Strategies to Grow Faster in 2024

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SaaS growth can be a tough nut to crack.

One of the leading reasons is the highly competitive nature of the market.

If you can’t keep up with the competition and your market’s needs, your SaaS company can easily fall behind and even lose on sales and growth. 

OpenView recently discovered that 48% of SaaS companies reported declining growth in 2023, which points to the gravity of the situation. 

Therefore, it’s important that you know how to market your SaaS company using techniques that can help you increase traffic and leads for your SaaS product. This will help you generate the revenue you need to grow.

With the right SaaS marketing tactics, you can also boost brand recognition and your brand awareness to help you stand out from the crowd. 

In this article, we’ll explore timeless strategies to grow faster, strategies that can help your SaaS company to attract higher-quality leads and revenue. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Content marketing 

You can create content and still miss out on sales.

That’s because if you don’t execute content marketing appropriately, it can make it hard for your SaaS company to organically generate leads. 

Without a strong content marketing strategy to lean on, you may find it difficult to generate more sales and conversions, and even to grow your business. 

In fact, 77% of SaaS marketers have a content marketing strategy, which has been pivotal to their success, according to a study by CMI. This demonstrates that you may be losing out on leads without proper content marketing. 

For this reason. I find content marketing to be a vital pillar of this guide on how to market your SaaS company in a way that helps you turbocharge real growth.  

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Content marketing

To craft an effective SaaS content marketing strategy, you need to focus on your audience’s pain points rather than promoting your SaaS product. From my experience, this is the best way for you to build credibility and authority. 

Click here to book a free discovery call if you’d like us to help you create the best SaaS content marketing for your SaaS product that can help you get higher-quality leads, on a budget.

Glide, a no-code app builder platform, had a very active blog that was not generating any traffic despite regularly publishing content. 

They were able to grow leads by 571% in just 5 months after partnering with a SaaS marketing company that helped them formulate and enact a more effective content marketing strategy

2. Free trials

Prospects are naturally apprehensive of new products.

Oftentimes, your leads will find it difficult to place their trust in an untried and unproven solution because of the financial risks that may be involved. 

So the lack of a free trial may be scaring off potential leads, who may have otherwise ended up being loyal subscribers to your SaaS products. 

It’s critical to note that the top SaaS companies generate 25% of their leads from free trials alone, according to a study by Softletter. This means that you may be missing out on up to a quarter of your revenue without a free trial. 

Consequently, I believe free trials are a critical part of SaaS marketing success because they essentially allow you to provide a way for your customers to test your SaaS product in a risk-free way. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Free trials

It’s important that you determine trial limitations based on your goals. You can choose to provide a feature-limited option to encourage upgrades or a time-limited trial to allow your users to discover all your capabilities over a set window.

Overall, I recommend a time-limited trial as it allows your users to understand the full value of your software, and this can help you increase conversions. 

Crazy Egg, a website analytics provider, was struggling to raise revenue for its A/B testing technologies and optimization tools. 

After they adopted a free trial offer, they raised conversions by 30% and this was largely because their potential customers could now test the software risk-free, with a good number of them upgrading their plans afterward.  

3. PPC campaigns

Conventional marketing strategies may not be cost-effective.

That’s because you’ll have to pay for an entire marketing campaign, regardless of whether or not you achieve your goals. 

Ultimately, you may find traditional SaaS marketing tactics not always converting well, thereby not getting your money’s worth. 

Clutch established that 77% of leads click on pay-per-click advertisements, which tend to provide a better return on investment than conventional marketing since you pay after a user clicks through to your site. 

So without PPC campaigns, you may get very low-quality leads who end up wasting your time and money. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - PPC campaigns

If you want to learn how to market your SaaS company using PPC, you should start by crafting compelling ad copies that have strong call-to-actions and use the right keywords that can help you attract leads. 

That said, excellent PPC ads may get leads to your website, but they may not be enough to make them covert. You need great content to do that, and that’s where our SaaS marketing agency truly shines. 

Click here to schedule your call with us to discuss how we can craft for you stellar content that can help you turn traffic into paying customers. 

WellnessLiving, a gym management software provider, had dedicated a huge budget to marketing but they were not getting back financially viable outcomes. 

When they turned to PPC marketing, they lowered ad spend by 30% and, more importantly, improved sales by 5%. This helped to generate funds that allowed them to scale their business to new heights. 

4. SaaS review sites

Consumers may have doubts about your SaaS product. 

They may have been let down by other providers, and this can make them develop a distrustful bias about all brands in general. 

Overall, your prospects may find it hard to trust and do business with you if you lack some form of social proof to validate your product. 

Power Reviews recently revealed that 99.9% of consumers use reviews to determine whether or not they can trust a business. So essentially almost all your customers will search for your reviews before they decide to engage with your brand. 

For this reason, I suggest that you use reputable third-party review sites to help you connect with your leads and prove the quality of your SaaS product. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - SaaS review sites

These websites can help you increase trust with your market base by providing honest feedback from actual users about the value your offer provides. 

More specifically, you should aim to be listed in G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius, among other reputable SaaS review websites that can help you put your brand out there to potentially help you drive more traffic to your website. 

A good SaaS review website can also increase confidence in your brand & drive sign-ups.

SSA, an appointment scheduling service, was looking for new ways to get more conversions for their SaaS business and catalyze growth. 

By leveraging a social proof plugin, they increased sales by $4,500, thanks largely to the reviews and endorsements that they were able to get which helped them elevate brand trust among new buyers. 

5. Referral marketing  

Low lead quality can hamper your sales cycle. 

You may have realized that getting a high number of leads is easy, but the difficult part is ensuring that these leads are actually relevant and ready to convert.

Overall, your SaaS company can be hurt by poor leads, who distract your sales efforts and waste time that you could have used to pursue better opportunities.

It is the case today that 63% of SaaS teams struggle to generate high-quality leads, according to a survey by Capchase. Besides increasing their sales cycle lengths, this has also made it difficult for these companies to grow their bottom line. 

Therefore, I’m certain that referral marketing is a pivotal aspect of marketing your SaaS business because it can help you raise lead quality. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Referral marketing

When creating your referral program, it helps to sweeten the deal so that you can give customers the incentive to act on their own and get you more customers. Some of the rewards you may provide to increase motivation include cash-back, points, and gifts.

With a referral program, you can hit two birds with one stone by rewarding customer loyalty and encouraging new acquisitions via a very low-cost marketing strategy. 

HowDoo, a blockchain technology startup, was not performing well with traditional advertising models and desired a better way to grow their brand.

They were able to acquire 77,555 more customers by running a successful referral marketing campaign, where they rewarded users with digital tokens for recommending them to their social networks. 

6. Social media marketing 

Your leads spend a lot of time on social media. 

If you’re not marketing your SaaS company on social channels, then you are leaving money on the table because of the opportunities you are missing out on. 

The lack of a solid social media marketing strategy may therefore be undermining your sales objectives and you may experience a drop in revenue as a result. 

In fact, nearly 84% of leads purchase a SaaS product online after viewing a social media ad, according to HubSpot. So the success of your business greatly hinges on successful social selling.  

To create a great social media marketing strategy, it helps to first identify platforms that are most popular with your target market and focus on those to help you get better ROI. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Social media marketing

You can choose to use paid advertising to gain momentum on your social channels, however, it’s also vital that you consistently create organic & engaging content to help you get traction faster. 

What’s more, you may also find great success by turning to social media influencers in your niche so that you can use their already established reach and influence to grow visibility and interest in your SaaS offering. 

Edigo, which is a content delivery network provider, was struggling to grow its social media presence and website traffic at large. 

However, they increased media value by $126,000 in 3 months by amplifying and revising their social media strategy and by particularly creating social media-run employee advocacy programs. 

7. Personalized email marketing 

Customers greatly desire personalized marketing. 

Without it, your clients may not feel very valued and appreciated and they may also get irrelevant recommendations that can cause them to lose interest in your brand. 

If you don’t have a personalized and effective email marketing strategy for your SaaS startup, you could be driving customers away to your competitors. 

As a matter of fact, McKinsey discovered that 71% of consumers expect to have personalized interactions with your brand across email channels & other platforms. It therefore means that personalization is not a matter of convenience but a necessity. 

In light of this, I find that a key part of learning how to market your SaaS product more effectively relies on you mastering email marketing for personalized campaigns. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Personalized email marketing

You should first start by organically building your email lists by incentivizing signups. For instance, you can provide a free resource in exchange for a lead’s contact information, which can help you create a high-quality email list. 

As far as crafting your emails go, I recommend using enthralling subject lines, leveraging visuals to enrich text, keeping messages concise & including powerful CTAs. All these can help you improve your email open and click-through rates. 

TechSoup Polska, which provides transformative technology to changemakers, was searching for a better way to educate its target audience.

Through very astute email marketing, they raised order values by 1,200% thanks to transactional emails and newsletters to educate their leads as well as market their new technologies

8. SaaS video marketing 

SaaS products can sometimes feel too complex.

It can be challenging for your users to acclimatize to an unfamiliar user interface, and the learning curve can steepen even further if you have multiple features at play.

Ultimately, your SaaS company may struggle to help prospects understand how your software works and its benefits, and this may discourage adoption. 

In fact, Wyzowl has just discovered that 82% of consumers learn about new products and how they work via video and may end up buying your product as a result. This shows how effective video marketing is for sales. 

With a great video marketing strategy, you can help prospects understand your product better, which can help you increase software adoption and brand loyalty.

SaaS Marketing Strategies - SaaS video marketing

In terms of how to market your SaaS company through video, I recommend that you take the storytelling approach, which involves creating content around your audience’s pain points. 

At Boterns, we leverage the power of video marketing to endear your offering to leads and give your brand an extremely memorable personality.

Click here to book your discovery call with us so that we can learn more about your vision and help you fashion a video marketing strategy that will help you improve brand awareness and increase sales.  

Toggle Track, a time-tracking software service, wanted to create a large-scale awareness campaign as they sought to improve brand recognition.

They eventually achieved 1,000,000 organic views on YouTube alone with their video marketing strategy, which enabled them to improve brand visibility and generate surplus income through ad revenue. 

9. Chat marketing 

Slow customer support can cost you sales. 

If you are unable to resolve your lead’s concerns on time, chances are that they may seek a different solution elsewhere.

Overall, your leads can easily slip through the cracks without chat marketing, while you may also lose opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. 

Vibes very recently established that 75% of consumers prefer to use chat to interact with brands and complete a purchase online. So if you don’t embrace chat marketing, you could be missing out on sales and this can in turn shackle your growth.   

However, you can make your marketing strategy highly responsive by using automated chat marketing strategies to provide readily available support to leads. 

SaaS Marketing Strategies - Chat marketing

By enabling quicker and more personalized communication, they can help you generate more conversions from traffic on your site.

Beyond incorporating a live chat feature to help you nurture leads on your website, I also recommend that you diversify your chat marketing to accommodate other chat platforms like text and social media messaging apps. 

It is also important that you optimize live chat triggers, such as having them appear after a certain scroll percentage, to avoid interrupting and putting off your prospects.

Donohoe Systems, a cloud solutions provider, had a sales team that was stretched very thin because of the high number of queries they received. 

After implementing chart marketing automation, they doubled their leads and reduced their average response time by 20 seconds. This has helped them to massively accelerate their sales cycles. 

10. SaaS webinars 

Your subscribers can grow distant with infrequent interactions. 

If you fail to actively engage your community, your leads can grow cold, and this may lead to an increase in your customer attrition rates. 

With very sparse engagement with your SaaS community, you may also miss out on feedback that can help you improve your product and enhance loyalty. 

It is the case today that 73% of SaaS marketers believe that the best way to generate high-quality leads for SaaS products is through webinars. So you stand to lose a lot if you don’t capitalize on the marketing potential that they provide.

Overall, I find webinars to be a very interactive way to communicate with your market and demonstrate your features in real time while actively tackling concerns and emphasizing your value proposition.

SaaS Marketing Strategies - SaaS webinars

So how do you market your SaaS company using webinars?  

Well, I recommend creating persona-driven webinars, so that you can address user concerns at various levels of the buying journey. This can help you to drive more sign-ups and increase conversions at large. 

If you’d like to create a high-performing SaaS webinar, you should also schedule topics around emerging trends in your industry to quickly boost your reach. 

J Turner Research created a ratings tracker but they had a tough time with their inbound marketing efforts due to stiff competition in a saturated market. 

They ultimately achieved 756% ROI from a highly-successful webinar SaaS marketing campaign which helped them generate 502 new leads, who ended up making them $216,000 that year. 


Improper SaaS marketing can hold you back.  

Without the right strategies, you may find that your campaigns are not yielding the desired outcomes.  

Ultimately, your SaaS company can get lost in the crowd without the right marketing strategies, and this can make it harder for you to grow. 

Neilson discovered that 45% of SaaS digital marketing campaigns don’t achieve their desired results, with many of them falling short because of using unsuitable marketing tactics. 

So it’s essential that you know how to market your SaaS company so that you can use tried-and-tested techniques that can help you generate more leads. 

Click here to book a call with us to understand how we can personalize your SaaS marketing strategy to help you get more sign-ups and subscription revenue. 

With our assistance, you’ll get access to proven SaaS marketing strategies that can help your SaaS company to turbocharge customer acquisitions and massively fastrack growth.

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