10 High Converting Lead Magnet Ideas for Your B2B SaaS Startup

Want to generate great SaaS leads?

When you’re starting a SaaS company, success hinges on getting quality leads fast.

If you don’t use the right lead magnets, your lead-generation processes can be too slow to support your growth and sales can even stall.

Sirkin Research established that 48% of B2B businesses experience low lead volumes, which proves that lead generation is an enormous challenge.

So you should learn how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS that can help you generate leads quickly. This can help you expand your market base and increase software sign-ups and demo requests. 

When you use the right lead magnets, you’ll be able to generate very high-quality leads so that you avoid wasting your resources on the wrong prospects.

In this article, we’ll explore high-converting lead magnet ideas for your B2B SaaS startup that can help you get stronger leads and land more sales. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Free trials

Does your software have a free trial?

If your leads can’t interact with your software, they may be unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt, so you need SaaS marketing strategies centered around trials.

Without a free trial, you may find it challenging to attract new customers, who may not want to pay upfront for a SaaS solution they have doubts over.

Recurly discovered that B2B SaaS free trials have a 62.4% conversion rate, proving that they’re one of the best lead magnets. So if your startup doesn’t offer a free trial, you may be losing sales because of it. 

If you’re looking to master how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS such as a free trial, there are a few essential considerations that you should keep in mind. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

It’s important that you choose the right features for your free trial. As an example, you may choose to allow access to all your features to help leads comprehensively understand your solution or limit them to incentivize upgrades.

When it comes to length, I recommend a duration of between seven and fifteen days so that you don’t lengthen your sales cycle with an overly long free trial. 

TDA had created a new eCommerce product but it was struggling to make software sales using paid advertising tactics. 

Within a year, they were able to increase product sales by 270%, and this was largely fueled by their free trial marketing strategy, which helped them increase customer confidence in their solution. 

2. Product demos

Your new leads are trying to figure you out.

Even with well-written SaaS blog articles, they may still be left with questions about whether your SaaS product can fully meet their needs, because, after all, seeing is believing. 

If you don’t comprehensively address customer uncertainty about your B2B SaaS solution, they may feel that your product is not right for them. 

As a matter of fact, 69% of consumers confessed that they made a purchase primarily because a product demo helped them understand a software better, according to a Wyzowl study. This is why they are an excellent business marketing strategy.

So how do you create great product demos?

The secret to how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS like demos lies in amplifying your leads’ problem. Then you can highlight key features as a solution and finish with a quick recap and a strong CTA. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

If you’re looking for a growth partner who can help you make your SaaS brand more appealing to leads using a variety of advanced SEO strategies, we may be able to lend a hand.

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Personio, which provides HR management software, had very ambitious growth plans that targeted a highly competitive European market. 

They managed to increase conversation rates by 20% by creating personalized SaaS product demonstration videos which helped them to prove how their tool was relevant to their customers’ needs.

3. Checklists

Your leads may be unaware of some of their problems.

Oftentimes, you may find that many of them are unsure of the state of their processes, and therefore they may not know if they require your solution.

So it’s possible to lose customers if you don’t help them evaluate their own systems and pinpoint problems that you may be able to solve. 

Infobrandz established that 6 in 10 marketers say that checklists and other short-form content have the highest conversation rates among lead magnets. This proves that they’re among the top lead magnet ideas for your SaaS startup.

So how do you create a great checklist? 

You should focus on common workflow challenges and use clear instructions that enable your leads to solve their problems. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

That aside, you can also make it more engaging by including many visual elements such as images and videos because this type of content tends to be more memorable and easier to understand than text-heavy checklists. 

When you’re starting a SaaS company and want to learn how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS that can accelerate your success, I recommend using lead magnets like checklists often as they can help you provide value to new leads and build trust. 

DESelect, a SaaS tool for market segmentation, wanted an innovative way to reach its target audience and increase product demo bookings. 

They ultimately generated 289 leads, which they achieved by creating a checklist ebook and using it as a lead magnet. Their success was also because of strategic LinkedIn marketing strategies.

4. Templates

How you approach preliminary buyer stages is key. 

If you don’t nurture leads and make a poor first impression, your prospects may decide against doing business with you.

Speaking of first impressions, I wrote an article on perfecting your SaaS name that can help you improve brand recognition.

That said, without templates to help you establish trust and provide value from the onset, you may find it challenging to even get leads into your funnel. 

Mailmunch discovered that 79% of marketers use lead magnets like templates to generate more leads. If that many marketers use them, they must be getting great ROI from them. 

Many leads won’t mind handing over their contact information if they get a template that can make their life easier, which is why you should learn how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS like templates. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

So what are some great template ideas? 

I recommend that you create templates that solve your lead’s most common workflow headaches.

For instance, if your B2B SaaS startup provides marketing automation software, you may offer a template for an auxiliary need like web design. This enables you to help your customer solve a significant problem, thereby increasing trust in your brand.

Canva, which provides a web-based graphic design solution, launched with a freemium business model that they wanted to use to attract leads.

By utilizing various design templates, they got more signups and social shares which helped reel in more freemium users. Most of these leads would later upgrade their plans to access more powerful features.

5. Email courses 

Sustained interactions are at the heart of SaaS sales.

Your leads may need time before they can warm up to your B2B SaaS startup, which is why you need SaaS marketing strategies that can help you nurture this relationship.

Without continuously and consistently educating your new leads, these prospects may become disinterested and fall out of your sales funnel. 

In fact, GetResponse found out that 31% of marketers believe that email courses can deliver the highest conversion rates among all lead magnets. So this means that you should not overlook their potential as far as attracting sales goes. 

Besides educating your prospects, they can also help you start a business relationship on the right foot so I find them to be excellent lead magnet ideas for your SaaS.

SaaS lead magnet ideas

If you’d like to crack how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS startup like making conversion-winning email courses, you should focus on your audience’s key problem and organically nurture your leads toward a desired action.

To avoid making your email course come off as salesy, I find it prudent to reiterate your offer toward the latter editions of the series.

No Code Founders, which provides a variety of no-code tools for businesses, wanted to enlarge its community and improve sales so they turned to email.

By creating content like email courses, they grew to over 20,000 members. They also grew revenue generation through the increased subscriptions and advertisements that they got from the exposure.

6. Webinars 

Do your prospects trust you completely? 

It can be hard for new leads to trust your B2B SaaS startup if your brand seems faceless and out of touch with their needs and goals. 

If you lack an interactive environment where leads can learn about your software and provide feedback, your brand may struggle to get off the ground. 

HubSpot recently established that 55% of marketers say that webinars featuring trending content have excellent ROI in terms of lead generation and sales. So this proves that they can be a very powerful marketing tool for your SaaS startup. 

Webinars provide an online seminar where you can interact with your leads in real time and put a face to your band. This is why they are among the top lead magnet ideas for your SaaS brand because of how they can help you build trust.

SaaS lead magnet ideas

Additionally, other benefits of lead magnets like webinars are that they also help you build a sense of community and this may improve customer engagement. 

When creating webinars, I find that you should choose a highly significant topic that can draw in more attendees. It also helps to create an SEO-friendly landing page for promoting your webinar.  

Moz, a search engine optimization solution, desired a marketing strategy that would help them demonstrate their expertise and grow interest in their SaaS product.

They ended up generating 10,000 leads from a free webinar they created called ”The Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” This helped them attract serious prospects who generated $100,000 in sales. 

7. Case studies 

Your new leads require hard evidence. 

They want to know that your solution has been used by a real business to achieve a positive business outcome, which is why writing killer case studies is crucial.

If you can’t substantiate that your B2B SaaS solution works, your new leads may find it hard to trust your brand and they may take their business elsewhere. 

Uplift Content revealed that 49% of SaaS marketers said that case studies were very effective at generating sales, which represents a 10% increase from the previous year’s survey. This shows the growing confidence in case studies. 

But what makes a great case study? 

If you want to learn how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS startup such as a case study, you should define your goals, identify a client who’s passionate about your business, and include hard data to back up your results. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

Unfortunately, not all case studies convert and you may waste resources. This is why you need to partner with us to help you get the right formula for your content marketing strategy. 

Click here to schedule your discovery call so we can determine if we’re a great match for your SaaS brand.

NP Digital was looking for a way to generate more leads and so they turned to case studies to help them achieve this goal. 

They ultimately increased sales by 185% by primarily creating and optimizing case studies that were largely based on revenue success stories, which enabled their business to prove that their solutions work. 

8. White papers

Industry trends come and fall very quickly. 

This is why your audience may be keen on finding partners who can help them stay ahead of these shifts and generally future-proof their businesses. 

If your market feels that your B2B SaaS brand is not in touch with the times, you may fail to establish market authority and this can negatively affect sales.

It’s very interesting to note that 91% of IT buyers rank white papers among the two most effective types of content, according to a TechTarget study. Therefore, you cannot afford not to use white papers in your lead magnet strategy.  

But how do you write an excellent white paper? 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

When you want to master how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS startup like a white paper, I find that you may enjoy great success if you focus on a topic in your industry that isn’t covered comprehensively enough online.

This way, you may be able to generate leads from low-competition topics.

Another way to get a unique angle for writing SaaS blog articles like white papers is to do your own research about industry problems and present these findings to your audience. This can help you build market authority and earn media coverage. 

Vicrom, an anti-spam software platform, wanted to generate more interest in its SaaS software and close more deals.

So they created a white paper titled “Why Spammers Spam,” which attracted massive media coverage. More importantly, they generated 21 sales from the exposure, which helped them generate $96,500 in subscription revenue. 

9. Gated content 

So what is gated content exactly? 

It refers to a type of content that requires your audience to provide their contact information in order to gain access to the posts they’d like to view.

With ungated content that doesn’t push your prospects to act, you may get a lot of traffic but very little of it can end up getting you quality leads. 

SmartDecisions determined that 80% of B2B marketers use gated content to help them attract and qualify their leads. So if you’re getting many low-quality leads, you may need to gate your B2B SaaS startup’s content. 

If you’d like to crack how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS such as this one, timing is everything. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

You should avoid using this strategy too early in your business journey so that you don’t scare away prospects. In terms of what to include in your gated content, I recommend high-value content such as great product roundup posts & original research work.

When you create gated content, you should also use post-locking for good measure. This allows users to view a snippet of your content which can urge them to sign up in order to get the rest of the information.

Photoweb, an online digital photo printing platform, wanted to get more subscribers for their email list but on most days they would collect none at all. 

By leveraging gated content, they increased conversions by 3806% and even doubled the size of their email list. This primarily happened because it helped them attract high-quality leads. 

10. Newsletters

Keeping leads engaged is very important.

Potential customers at the top of your funnel need a lot of nurturing before they can be convinced to make a positive decision about your B2B SaaS brand. 

If you fail to engage your new prospects frequently and comprehensively enough, you may lose them, and the subsequent sales, entirely.

CMI reported that 73% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are their most used form of content marketing, which substantiates that they are one of the best lead magnet ideas for your SaaS if you want to get more conversions. 

So what can you write newsletters about? 

Well, I find that providing valuable information to your leads can be a great way to build strong B2B relationships. For instance, you can use a newsletter to point them in the way of excellent product roundup posts that may help them improve business efficiency. 

SaaS lead magnet ideas

In this guide on how to create a lead magnet for your SaaS, you’ll find that newsletters are very important. That’s because they open up a direct line of communication with potential customers. 

To write newsletters that people actually read, you’ll want to make your subject line & copy extremely catchy. 

Infoshare Academy was looking for an organic way to grow its leads, reduce its acquisition costs, and drive more sales. 

In under a month, they gained 1,200 new contacts by using newsletters to provide valuable information to leads in exchange for their contact information. This also enabled them to lower their cost per lead.


Not having lead magnets can kill your startup. 

When you don’t generate enough leads, your growth can easily stall. 

If your B2B SaaS startup fails to grow because it can’t get enough sales, then you may notice revenue drops that can invite business failure. 

In fact, McKinsey established that 92% of SaaS startups fail because of growth challenges resulting from a low market base. So generating leads is a matter of survival for your business.

Fortunately, we’ve highlighted top lead magnet ideas for your SaaS that can help you attract quality leads. If you’d like to partner with us to help you create an effective lead-generation strategy, we’re happy to help.

Click here to book your discovery call so we can learn about your SaaS software and discuss your challenges.

We’ll explore the source of your current struggles and determine if we are the right partner to help you achieve your B2B SaaS startup’s goals. 

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