How to Choose the Perfect SaaS SEO Agency for Your Small Business in 2024

How to Choose the Perfect SaaS SEO Agency for Your Small Business

Looking for a great SaaS SEO agency? 

When you’re starting your SaaS business, you need the right SEO partner to grow.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right SaaS SEO agency for your small business can feel overwhelming.  

Statista revealed there are 54,220 marketing agencies in the US alone, and this can make it extremely challenging to find a good SEO partner. 

So you should learn how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS because this will enable you to find the right growth partner so that you can maximize success for your SaaS product. 

With the right agency by your side, you’ll get an effective search engine optimization strategy to help you draw in more traffic, increase software sales & turbocharge growth. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the perfect SaaS SEO agency for your small business in 2024 to help you achieve long-term success. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Assess keyword research tactics

Keywords are central to the success of SEO. 

If your SaaS marketing strategy is built around irrelevant keywords, it can become very challenging to bring in the right kind of traffic that you need to sell your software 

Worse yet, your small business may waste a lot of resources optimizing your website for keywords that no one is searching for. 

Ahrefs discovered that over 96% of SaaS websites get zero traffic from Google, while just 1.94% get between one and ten monthly visitors. This struggle boils down to various SEO mistakes, including poor keyword research. 

So in this guide on choosing an SEO agency for your SaaS, I strongly advise that you ensure your prospective partner uses excellent keyword tactics, which drive engagement, attract the right traffic, and improve conversion rates.

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Assess keyword research tactics

Want to nail your keyword research strategy? 

Then partner with us so we can help you identify the right keywords that can help you drive more traffic to your website and more sales for your SaaS tool. 

Click here to book your free discovery call so we can learn more about your software and help you put together an excellent keyword research strategy. 

Glassix, a customer support software, was targeting low buyer intent keywords and so they were getting traffic but it wasn’t converting.  

However, they ranked for highly competitive keywords and doubled conversion rates within 90 days of their partnership with us. We helped them achieve this by revising their keyword strategy to initially target low-competition strong-intent keywords.  

2. Examine content marketing prowess

SaaS content marketing differs from traditional content marketing.

Certain content formats that resonate well with the general audience may not necessarily be effective with your SaaS audience. 

So if you use the wrong content formats in your SaaS blog, you’ll struggle to generate leads and get more software signups for your small business. 

As a matter of fact, 52% of content marketing campaigns were unsuccessful in 2022, according to a survey by Statista. A key contributor to this is an ineffective content marketing strategy with unappealing content formats and low-quality content.  

So what content marketing tactics should you consider? 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Examine content marketing prowess

When it comes to choosing an SEO agency for your SaaS, content quality should be your top priority. A great way to gauge this is by simply going through the agency’s blog to get a feel of their articles. 

Additionally, a great partner will have proven SaaS blog post ideas that are not only optimized for search but also geared toward helping you get more conversions, be that more product demos or free trial signups.

Besides creating quality content, a great SEO partner should leverage content performance metrics to continually monitor and improve content performance.  

ContractWorks, a contract management software, was struggling to get noticed in a highly competitive field due to well-established competitors. 

With astute content marketing, they increased organic traffic by 98% within five months of working with a SaaS SEO agency. They helped them achieve these results primarily through strategic content production and keyword research. 

3. Prioritize technical optimization services

Why is technical optimization important? 

Well, you may have a beautiful website and write great SaaS articles, but you can still struggle to attract search traffic because your technical SEO is off.

You may also notice lower search rankings given that poor technical optimization makes it harder for search engines to crawl and understand your website.

Good firms revealed that you stand to lose up to 88.5% of website traffic if your website has various optimization shortcomings. This boils down to problems like poor page loading speeds, outdated designs, and poor content structures, among others. 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Prioritize technical optimization services

So another important point you want to add to your checklist of how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS in 2024, is whether the company offers technical optimization. This is essential to helping you make your site more user and search engine-friendly 

With technical optimization services, you can make your website faster and this will certainly help you lower your bounce rates and increase your page views per visitor.

Additionally, given that you receive the majority of your traffic from mobile devices, technical optimization is also paramount because it can help you make your website more mobile-friendly as well. 

BookingLive, an appointment scheduling software, wanted to generate higher quality leads and improve conversion rates. 

They ultimately increased organic traffic by 300% while they also improved the quality of their leads through technical SEO and content optimization. This partly involved performing onsite optimization to improve website speed and responsiveness. 

4. Consider link-building expertise 

Links are the backbone of your SEO campaign.

However, they can ruin your SaaS marketing strategy because they can quickly go from being a great asset to being a liability, more so if your potential SaaS SEO partner has poor link-building practices. 

If you partner with an agency that acquires low-authority and spammy links, this will harm your site’s reputation and even lower your search rankings. 

In fact, the top-ranking page on Google has at least 3.8x more backlinks than the other pages on the first search results page, according to a Backlinko study. This underscores the importance of quality backlinks. 

How do you go about link building? 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Consider link-building expertise

This is a question that you should field to your prospective SEO partner. It will enable you to assess if they observe the best link-building practices, which can help you find SEO success quickly and avoid search engine penalties.

For instance, you can ask if they consider the domain authority of websites they obtain backlinks from, and how they avoid site reputation abuse. This will give you a better understanding of the integrity of their link-building tactics. 

You also want to determine the length of their link-building campaigns to determine if this aligns with your growth targets. 

FileCenter, a document management software, was struggling to convert the high Google search traffic it was getting into paying customers. 

We helped them land $10,200 in license sales in 90 days for their SaaS business through strategic search engine optimization. One of our most effective SEO tactics behind their success was excellent link-building that helped them rank position one for the keyword “best document management software for small businesses”. 

5. Assess market research abilities

Does the SaaS SEO agency assist with market research? 

If you’re just starting your SaaS company, you may also be trying to figure out how to stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience.

When your market research strategy is poorly executed, it’s easy for your small business to misunderstand your market and sell to the wrong prospects. 

A study by CB Insights established that 90% of SaaS startups fail, and part of the reason for this is poor market research. This leads to product-market misfits and very poor business models which eventually obstruct sales.

Therefore, I believe that another crucial tip when figuring out how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS is to go with a partner that offers market research support to help you reach the right prospects and accelerate growth. 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Assess market research abilities

If you require assistance analyzing trends and audience behaviors, we can help you understand the needs of your target market and formulate customer strategies to help you get through to them. 

Click here to book your free discovery call so we can learn about your vision for your SaaS small business and help you get into the minds of your customers. 

Digitate, which provides enterprise automation solutions, had a long sales cycle and it couldn’t afford to attract the wrong prospects. 

With market research support, they improved prospect targeting and focused on hard leads such as select DevOps, sales teams, and IT professionals. This helped them to make their marketing and sales programs more effective.  

6. Seek proof of results

Any SaaS SEO agency can promise you the moon. 

They may claim to be able to help you get 100 qualified SaaS demos in a day or 100,000 license sales in a week but, remember, talk is cheap. 

Your prospective agency may overpromise but underdeliver, thereby burning a hole in your bank account with little to no ROI to show for it. 

A sales outreach study by SaaS Sprints revealed that 70% of SaaS brands don’t like working with marketing agencies. One of the reasons they gave for this is that agencies don’t own outcomes and therefore often overpromise. 

So how can you spot an agency that’s unlikely to deliver? 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Seek proof of results

The biggest red flag is that they promise you very unrealistic results. For instance, they can tell you they’ll increase your monthly recurring revenue by 50x within just one month, which may not be feasible at all. 

Generally, SEO is a long-term game and a good agency will be upfront with you about this. So beware of an agency that’s quick to guarantee SEO results.

Another great way to crack how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS that delivers is to examine their success stories. These can prove they’ve delivered excellent real-life results for actual businesses.

Bloom, a customer relationship management software, wanted to grow their business after rebranding and needed a proven agency to help them. 

They managed to increase organic traffic by 96% and get more free trial signups within ten months. This came about because they chose a marketing agency with substantiated expertise and a proven track record. 

7. Avoid black hat SEO agencies 

So what are black hat SEO techniques? 

If you turn to an unscrupulous SEO agency, they may use underhand SEO tactics like link farms, content clocking, and keyword stuffing, among others, to trick search engines into giving your website more traffic and higher rankings. 

While they can initially provide great results, you risk downranking and other severe penalties from search engines if you go with a black hat SEO agency. 

A study by Search Engine Land showed that 40% of businesses practicing keyword stuffing faced severe punishments like being removed from Google My Business listings. This proves that black hat SEO simply isn’t worth it.

Of course, no agency will openly admit to using black hat SEO techniques, however, there’s one sure-fire technique that you can use to cover the truth.

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Avoid black hat SEO agencies

You’ll want to go through their SaaS case studies to gain access to their clients’ websites. Then, you can assess these websites to determine if they feature spammy links, suspicious page redirects, duplicate content, and other black hat SEO practices.

With this information, you’ll easily crack how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS that uses white hat techniques, which can get you sustainable, long-term results and improve brand reputation.

Invisibly, a data collection platform, wanted to drive high-intent traffic to its website and build awareness and market authority.

They were able to increase organic traffic by 84% and decrease customer acquisition costs by 65% by primarily using white hat SEO techniques. This entailed the use of content and SEO strategies like copywriting & email marketing. 

8. Prioritize video marketing expertise

Video is a must-have content type for your SaaS brand. 

That’s because text alone may not effectively break down how your product works to prospects compared to videos, which can help you show your product in action more elaborately. 

Ultimately, if you lack or have poor video marketing strategies, you’ll lose leads and struggle to generate SaaS sales for your small business. 

A Wyzowl survey discovered that 91% of SaaS businesses use video to market their products and services, which proves their popularity and effectiveness at driving sales. So you cannot overlook video marketing services.

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Prioritize video marketing expertise

So as we continue to drill down on how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS, I strongly recommend you go with a SaaS agency with video marketing expertise that can help you build brand awareness, credibility, and trust very quickly. 

With a great partner, you can create high-converting lead magnets like product demo videos more effectively and effortlessly. This can help you drive more traffic to your SaaS website and improve brand engagement. 

But how can you assess video marketing prowess? 

You simply need to go through past works such as product demo videos to determine the quality of their video marketing services. 

Sapience Analytics, a workforce analytics platform, wanted to improve brand awareness and get more leads for its SaaS tool. 

With a stellar video marketing campaign, they generated 800 more leads within ten weeks of working with an agency. They helped them draft product demos and other marketing videos that attracted leads very quickly.  

9. Read customer reviews

What do customer reviews say about the company? 

These can tell you a lot about your potential SaaS partner, such as how they handle negative feedback, if they really do have great SaaS blog post ideas, and whether the quality of their services is up to scratch. 

Overall, you can use customer ratings and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction, and determine if the agency is the right fit for your small business.  

A BrightLocal survey discovered that 77% of consumers read two or more reviews when researching a business and this helped them find high-quality service providers.

When it comes to reviews, you can typically find them on the agency’s website. If they don’t have any reviews, you should take a look at their case studies to get first-hand customer accounts of their services. 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Read customer reviews

However, I also recommend that you visit third-party review sites which can give you a more independent and candid assessment of the SaaS SEO company.

You can examine their Google Business profile, for example, which may offer feedback from past customers who’ve used their services. This makes it easy for you to crack how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS in 2024. 

Keen, an event data management platform, was looking for a solid growth partner that would push them toward consistent organic growth. 

They found an agency that helped them improve blog impressions by 50%. Had it not been for a recommendation they obtained from examining multiple customer reviews, they may never have discovered the agency. 

10. Set a marketing budget

What is the size of your marketing budget? 

This and the agency’s pricing are important because, if you’re not on the same page, you may incur expenses that crop up out of the blue.

So if you don’t set a budget in advance and discuss expected services, you can face budget overruns that force you to abandon your SEO campaign.  

That said, very successful SaaS companies spend 10.6% of revenue on marketing on average, according to a Deloitte survey. This is a great rule of thumb to help you create a sustainable marketing budget. 

Choosing a SaaS SEO agency - Set a marketing budget

Nevertheless, you’ll notice that several factors affect the cost of SEO services such as the scope of the campaign and its complexity. It’s therefore important to discuss this with your SaaS SEO agency before you get started to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you’re working with a very tight budget, the right partner can find a workaround. 

For instance, they may create great SaaS lead magnets and use other cost-efficient marketing strategies like email and webinar marketing, to name a few. This will enable you to generate traffic and signups for your software without breaking the bank. 

Caden, an open data platform, wanted to increase signups for their software but they had a very limited budget to spare.

However, they ended up getting 10,000 beta signups from a $350 budget by working with a SaaS marketing agency that offered very cost-effective solutions. This entailed copywriting, technical optimization, and influencer marketing. 


A great SEO strategy is a necessity.

That’s because it directly affects SaaS revenue for your small business. 

If your SaaS SEO strategy is not up to scratch, you’ll find it extremely challenging to rank and get exposure and sales for your SaaS product.

In fact, 76% of SaaS businesses struggle to rank and convert leads with their websites, according to a Swipe Files survey. This largely boils down to various search engine optimization shortcomings. 

So you should know how to choose an SEO agency for your SaaS in 2024 that can bolster your SEO game. If you require a proven growth partner in your corner, Boterns is the answer. 

Click here to book your free discovery call so we can learn more about your software and help you draft an effective SEO strategy.

With our expertise, you’ll improve search engine rankings, generate high-quality leads from organic traffic, and close more software sales. 

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