How to Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS [10 Killer Strategies]

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Your SaaS’s name may impede your business. 

It can inadvertently cultivate negative perceptions around your brand. 

If you don’t choose your SaaS company’s name strategically, you may find it challenging to generate sales and your business may fail.

Edelman recently discovered that 66% of consumers mistrust brands largely because of their name and reputation. Therefore, your name has a greater influence on sales than meets the eye. 

So it’s pivotal that you know how to name your SaaS in a way that helps you deliver a great first impression that can encourage massive sign-ups.  

By choosing the perfect name for your SaaS startup, you’ll be able to capture the unique essence and vision of your brand, which can help you make your business more memorable and outstanding. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the perfect name for your SaaS company, which can help you improve brand recognition and sales. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Choose a concise name

Long brand names can be bad for business. 

We tend to skim over long words rather than actually read them because they are a lot harder to comprehend compared to shorter and more straightforward words.

In the long run, if you choose an overly long name for your SaaS business, you run the risk of decreasing your brand’s appeal and memorability. 

Ipsos has in fact established that 85% of brand assets are not distinctive or memorable. A significant contributor to this is branding mistakes that encompass poorly chosen and overly long business names as well as generic slogans. 

For this reason, I believe that the length of your brand’s name is an important aspect of figuring out how to name your SaaS correctly.

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS- Choose a concise name

We’ve noticed that many brands typically use between 3 and 5 words for their names, but if you can go shorter that is even better because you’ll make your name more catchy and memorable. 

Once you’ve chosen your name and want to get started generating some leads, that’s where we come in. 

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Vecteezy, which provides a stock photography platform, was getting lost in the crowd and wanted a unique and concise brand name to help them stand out. 

Following a major rebranding campaign, they shortened their name to reflect the entirety of the services in one simple and highly memorable word which helped improve their competitiveness. 

2. Select the right colors 

Poor color selection can also ruin your brand. 

With some color palettes, you may give off the perception that your brand is inferior. Additionally, if you use overly powerful shades, you can create an off putting first impression for consumers. 

If you don’t use the right color palette when designing your name, you may rub leads the wrong way and potentially dissuade sales. 

As a matter of fact, 85% of consumers identify with brands based on their color. This means that you can’t afford to overlook color when choosing a suitable name for your SaaS. 

When determining the right shades of color for your name, I recommend that you consider what type of emotions you want to elicit from customers. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Select the right colors

For instance, you can use a light blue hue, which color psychology often associates with transparency and calmness. You can, conversely, choose to use purple if you desire to showcase your brand in a luxurious or premium light.

If your brand is about health and vitality, you may find white to be a more appropriate hue.  Overall, you should use color schemes that can help you communicate your vision and build a strong emotional connection with leads.

ShipBob, which provides eCommerce fulfillment technology, wanted to rebrand and revise its visual identity to capture their vision and values more effectively. 

They were able to reduce homepage bounce rates by 27% by updating their color scheme for their name and website at large. This simple yet significant change helped them to turbocharge their revenue numbers.

3. Use descriptive words 

A new lead may spend very little time on your website.

This means that you have a limited window within which you can make a case for your brand and encourage a new lead to pursue further action.

With a brand name that doesn’t clearly describe what you do, you may lose leads who may find it hard to understand your offering and therefore opt to leave. 

Lucidpress established that 71% of customers believe that confusion can arise when brands are not forthright about what they offer. This shows just how much being descriptive can make a big difference.

So when you’re figuring out how to name your SaaS business, I recommend that you use descriptive words that can shed light on what you offer. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Use descriptive words

For example, if you provide cloud storage services, perhaps it may be prudent to use the words “store” or “cloud” in your name. This can help your leads understand what you’re offering right off the bat and it may reassure them that they’re in the right place. 

If you provide DevOps services, a name such as “XyzDevOps” can also instantly capture what your SaaS is all about without going into too much detail. 

Body Regime was looking to penetrate the North American market and was searching for a brand name that could be catchy and easy to understand. 

After working with experts, they successfully created a brand name that helped them to adequately capture their brand’s offering which helped to generate huge revenue at launch. 

4.  Choose a complementing logo

A text-only brand name can feel dull and unprofessional. 

It may make your brand easily forgettable and you may also find it very challenging to establish a legitimate brand identity without a well-designed logo alongside your name. 

So if you go with a brand name without a logo, your SaaS product may lack a recognizable symbol, and, by extension, it may also lack memorability. 

It’s interesting to note that 90% of people are more likely to recall brand names with logos than those without, according to SurveyMonkey. Therefore, your brand identity can take a serious hit if you don’t have a logo. 

When you’re creating your logo, it’s important to ensure that it maintains consistency with your brand in terms of color, font, and wording to avoid any confusion. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Choose a complementing logo

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SwiftyBeaver, a JSON login module service, desired a new logo that would adequately capture its diverse developer target audience. 

When they revised their logo, they greatly improved brand recognition because of the addition of striking visual elements that made the brand name and identity instantly recognizable and more memorable.

5. Select the right typography 

Typography can jeopardize your SaaS brand. 

It sets the tone for your SaaS company and can evoke the wrong emotions and perceptions if you’ve not pulled it off correctly. For instance, you can inadvertently create a timid and weak brand impression with razor-thin typography.

All in all, if your typography is off, you may communicate the wrong brand message to leads and you also risk making your brand name illegible. 

Punjabi University has determined you can reduce brand recognition by 80% if you use poor and inconsistent fonts, which proves that the typography of your brand’s name is a serious concern. 

So I find that understanding typography can help you master how to name your SaaS business more effectively. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Select the right typography

At the very least, good typography is that which you find to be very legible so that your leads can easily read it without straining. 

More importantly, you want to avoid trendy typography in favor of a classic style that can help you give your brand a timeless appeal even when the trends of the day have faded. 

It’s also important that the typography doesn’t conflict with the rest of the typography on your website so that you can maintain brand continuity.

Single Grain, a digital marketing and app development service, wanted to overhaul its brand image following its acquisition by a new owner. 

They reworked the typography and created a brand with more personality, which was also made possible by other essential branding changes too. In the end, these have greatly aided the company’s meteoric growth. 

6. Name for the future 

You may wish to expand your product line later on.

While presently your focus could be on a single area, you may create new software as you begin to solve related problems in your niche. 

If you choose a name that boxes you into a corner in terms of a speciality, you may need to perform a rebrand later and this can create brand inconsistencies. 

As a matter of fact, you may experience a 56% reduction in brand awareness due to conflicting brand usage, according to Demand Metric. So you should choose a name that can remain relevant even as your SaaS company grows.

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Name for the future

To do that, you need to go back to the drawing board and assess your product roadmap to determine if you may want to make additions to your products later on.

If so, I recommend that you go with a blanket name that can capture your core technologies, without necessarily being confined to a specific one.

For example, you may use the name “InnovativeTech” in place of “InnovativeCRM” if you aim to expand into other offerings later on. However, a specialty name can also be ideal if you won’t be diversifying and want leads to instantly know what you’re about.

Logojoy, which originally provided a logo generator, wanted to expand its offers to include other SaaS products that were not initially covered by its name.

Consequently, they rebranded and changed their name to Looka, which enabled them to reflect their new additions. This caused massive brand confusion initially, which was easily avoidable.

7. Make it unique 

A generic brand name is bad for business. 

If you use a common and overused brand name, this can make it challenging for you to stand out. Worse yet, it may even cause trademark issues that can invite lawsuits.

So when you use cliche brand names, you run the risk of completely throwing off the brand-building process for your SaaS business. 

Merkle discovered that 88% of consumers value brand authenticity and that it greatly influences who they decide to do business with. Consequently, it’s clear that a generic brand name can put you at a competitive disadvantage.

One way that you could go with authenticity is by creating an amalgamation of two meaningful words for your brand so that you can draft a unique, made-up word.

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Make it unique

For instance, if you’re building a sales technology that’s geared at simplifying the sales cycle, you can combine words like “Sales” and “Easy” to come up with “Saleasy.” Not only is this unique but it also captures your brand’s mission. 

Even when you create a brand name from scratch, I strongly recommend that you perform a trademark and corporate name search. This will help you determine if your potential name is available to use legally.

LoveTheSales initially had trouble settling on a name that would perfectly capture what their brand is about and they also struggled with branding inconsistencies. 

They managed to increase signups by 30% and also reduce cart abandonment by 50%, partly because of a rebranding campaign where they changed their name to reflect their mission and values. 

8. Include a catchy slogan

Bad slogans can damage your reputation.

They may obscure your advertising message and make it difficult for you to convey your brand identity and offering to potential customers. 

If your brand name isn’t reinforced by a good slogan, your customers may have a hard time understanding your services and values and this can hurt your sales. 

The Manifest discovered that 50% of people use slogans to understand SaaS businesses, and they said that it’s the most important of all branding elements. This speaks to just how consequential the wrong slogan, or not having one, can be.

So in this guide on how to name your SaaS, you should pay close attention to creating a great slogan that can help you amplify the impact of your brand name. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Include a catchy slogan

You can borrow inspiration for your slogan from your SaaS product’s most significant feature or benefit. Meanwhile, if you provide a range of SaaS services, you can create a slogan using your most important selling point that cuts across the board.

Just like your brand name, I find that a good slogan should be industry-related and brief so that it’s highly relevant and memorable. In particular, you should aim for ten words or less., a link-shortening service, initially had branding difficulties because its short name really didn’t give much detail about what they do.

After rebranding, they increased their demo bookings, partly because they now included the slogan “link management platform” under their name, which made it easier for leads to understand their offering. 

9. Use important keywords

The name you choose can affect your site rankings. 

More so if you intend to use your brand name as your domain name too. When your name is overly promotional, it may give off the impression of a scammy site, while failing to use the right keywords can decrease brand visibility.

Overall, if you choose your brand name poorly, this can negatively impact your organic traffic and it may contribute to lower SaaS website rankings.

Ahrefs alarmingly discovered that 96% of SaaS websites face traffic challenges, partially because of poor brand and domain name selection, among other SEO shortcomings.

Therefore, I strongly advise that you carry out keyword research first so that you can choose an SEO-friendly business and domain name.

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Use important keywords

From my experience, you can improve your online visibility by leveraging keywords that have a low keyword difficulty but still get a substantial amount of organic traffic. 

If you require expertise and assistance carrying out keyword research, our SaaS marketing agency is best placed to help you discover very profitable keywords for your SaaS business.

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Happy Ears Hearing Center, an audiology business based in Phoenix, was finding it extremely challenging to capture the local audience. 

They eventually increased local organic traffic by 396%, partly because of incorporating the keyword “hearing center,” which was frequently used in local search, into their brand and domain names. 

10. Consider user values

It can cost you dearly to not accommodate end-user values.

For instance, if you use words that may connote taboos or other ill traits in some dialects, you may end up offending and alienating a section of your market. 

With consumers known to dissociate from brands that go against their ideals, you can do irreparable damage to your brand if you use controversial language. 

In fact, 6 in 10 consumers will not consider buying from a SaaS company if its values appear to go against their own values, according to a survey by Impact 24. So this can easily break your business. 

When choosing a brand name, I recommend that you first research your target audience so that you can understand their expectations, values, and preferences. 

Find the Perfect Name for Your SaaS - Consider user values

For instance, if your SaaS product will be targeting a particular geographical market, you want to find out what the norms and ideals are in that society. This will help you create a brand that complements their values and resonates with them perfectly.

It’s also prudent to test out your proposed brand name on small focus groups so that you can identify and eliminate any branding risks before you launch your SaaS product. 

Avasm, an automated dropshipping service, wanted to choose a name that reflected their desire to elevate transparency in the dropshipping business.

They have since expanded their operations to 3 new locations, and this was aided by the fact that they chose a name that didn’t promote any particular language and was therefore well-received internationally. 


Your SaaS name greatly influences consumer trust.

If you fail to adequately capture your promise, values, and mission, this can reflect poorly on your SaaS brand. 

Overall, your brand name can negatively affect your brand’s identity, which may decrease consumer trust and get in the way of sales.

Clear Channel has determined that 81% of buying decisions are strongly influenced by consumer trust. Therefore, when a brand name doesn’t ooze confidence, you may find it difficult to generate revenue.

So you need to know how to name your SaaS strategically, which will help you depict your SaaS product in the best light. 

Click here to schedule your call with us to learn about how our highly innovative branding tactics can help you create a powerful content strategy and a strong brand image overall. 

With our assistance, you can build a robust brand foundation that can help you generate more revenue for your SaaS business. 

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