Case Study – How We Drove $10,200 is License Sales for in Just 90 through SEO

FileCenter Case Study

We helped FileCenter, a SaaS company in the document management software niche develop a steady source of leads, trial signups and actual sales, through organic search in just 90 days. 

In just the first three months of creating content we were able drive 1,300 organic search clicks from Google, which led to 142 trial signups and 34 direct purchases

So from an initial $10,000 investment in content creation we’ve had 34(buyers) x $300(license price) = $10,200 cash collected, just in the first 90 days – a 100% return in investment so far.

Here’s the landing page conversion data for February.

What’s more, Google search console shows an upward trend, which means more traffic is on the way from the sales assets we’ve already built. 

We also achieved a conversion rate of 23% from free trial to paying customers. This also helped establish organic search as their preferred customer acquisition channel, besides paid advertising.

Organic traffic for SaaS marketing is a long term play. Which means the traffic has kept flowing in from old articles, even after we stopped writing new articles. 

What’s a better way to ensure the growth of your software startup, on a budget? At this rate we’ve projected a 15% increase in MRR from organic search traffic alone.


FileCenter is a document management software provider, based out of Salt Lake, Utah, that targets startups and small businesses. 

They offer both cloud and offline document management solutions for businesses looking to transition to completely paperless document management for efficiency and productivity.

One of their main strengths is the multipurpose nature of their software. This makes it a suitable solution for paperless office document management, small accounting firms, as well as HR departments, among others. 

Basically, they are a fit for most service and product based businesses alike.

What’s more, with just one FileCenter subscription you get a Windows based document management software, document scanning software, as well as OCR to PDF converter, among other features. 

In addition to this are third party integrations to Quickbooks, Salesforce, and Google Drive, among other tools & cloud storage options.


FileCenter was receiving a ton of traffic from Google search, but they were struggling to convert this traffic into actual customers, because of the lack of a strong-intent behind their top keywords. 

For example, from a traffic of 25k organic search clicks they were only converting about 2% into actual trial signups.

So they needed help putting together a proper content marketing strategy that could help them bring targeted buyer-intent traffic. 

This would enable them bag more sales and increase their MRR from organic search. An organic customer acquisition channel was more appealing because it’d greatly lower their cost per acquisition.

Another challenge was a proper way to reduce churn from current customers.  

Since they lacked a proper content strategy to keep current customers engaged enough to renew their license, it was costing them on failed subscription renewals – which meant they had to work harder to bring in new customers every month to maintain their MRR.


We conducted in depth keyword research in order to establish low competition keywords, with strong buyer intent. 

So we settled on keywords we could easily rank for in order to bring in targeted buyer traffic, with minimal link building. So keywords targeting buyers at the lower end of the sales funnel seemed appealing.

Overall, our SaaS SEO marketing strategy involved creating 24 long form articles (3000+ words each) targeting keywords around the “best document management software” keyword cluster, within the first three months. 

So we published 8 articles per month over the course of the 90 days. 

In addition to creating the content, we also built 8 backlinks per month to our target blog article from high domain authority sites, totalling to 24 backlinks in 3 months, by leveraging guest post partnerships with other tech blogs. 

While we could do more links, we focused on quality over quantity to make this a great SaaS SEO case study.


In just three months of creating and publishing 24 articles on the blog, and building 24 backlinks to our top selected article, we were able to get 1,300 organic search clicks on our buyer intent keywords. 

And according to the traffic analytics report, this traffic is increasing by 178%, on average, month over month.

This led to a total of 142 free trial signups, at an average conversion rate of 10.83% from cold organic search traffic. In fact, one of our pages had a crazy conversion rate of up to 75%. 

Out of the free trials, 34 converted into paying customers. So from an initial $10,000 investment in content we’ve had 34(buyers) x $300(license price) = $10,200 cash collected, just in the first 90 days – a 100% return in investment so far..

FileCenter now ranks on page one for the term “best document management software for small businesses”, plus 2478 other keywords around the “document management software” keyword cluster in Google search console. 

We were also able to optimize conversion rates in order to squeeze the most from long tail keyword variation traffic, by writing copy that actually converts.

What it means for your brand.

While the SaaS marketplace has become “crowded”, for lack of a better word, it is still very possible to craft a proper SaaS SEO marketing strategy that can see your startup grow completely organically – with up to 10x ROI.

It all starts by in depth keyword research to establish low competition and strong intent traffic keywords. 

At Boterns, we can employ the same strategies in this SaaS SEO case study to help you pick up and get your first signups, if you are just getting started with your SaaS business.

And we are not just talking free trial signups – we are talking real users who actually convert into paying customers, thereby helping you grow your business.

Click here to schedule a free discovery call to establish how we can work together to help you build your SaaS brand and grow your customer base. 

While you can still wing it and make-do with paid advertising, PPC costs have skyrocketed, making it a less sustainable customer acquisition channel. Organic search, on the other hand, is a very dependable customer acquisition channel for startups.

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