10 Ways to Book 100 Qualified Demos for Your SaaS Company in 2024

Book qualified demos

Struggling to get demo calls for your software?   

While product demos are excellent SaaS lead magnets, they only work if prospects actually book demos of your SaaS platform.

If you can’t generate enough qualified demos for your SaaS company, you may find generating sales to be an uphill battle.

With excellent conversion rates of up to 94%, according to Chili Pepper, product demos can really turbocharge SaaS sales.

So it’s important that you learn how to book more demo calls for your SaaS, which will enable you to showcase your product to more prospects and generate strong buying interest in your SaaS software.

With demos having very high conversion rates, getting more qualified demo bookings is essential because it will translate to more sales for your company. 

In this article, we’ll explore proven ways to book 100 qualified demos or more for your SaaS product, which can help increase your monthly recurring revenue. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Leverage lead magnets 

You can get many prospects but very few leads.

This may happen because you lack lead magnets that can encourage and incentivize prospects to go the extra mile to give you their contact information. 

So if you don’t use lead magnets on your website, you may find it very challenging to get qualified demos of your software. 

Infobrandz discovered that 73% of marketers generate more conversions using lead magnets. So if you’re struggling to get your prospects to book SaaS product demos, it may be because you’re not using lead magnets or are using the wrong ones.

So what is the best lead magnet for SaaS? 

In this guide on how to book more demo calls for your SaaS platform, I recommend webinars because they allow you to interact with leads in real time. 

how to book more demo calls for your saas

You may also find great success using long-form lead magnets like industry white papers and by writing great product roundup posts, which can encourage prospects to give out their contact information to gain access. 

Moreover, case studies also make for excellent lead magnets as well because they substantiate the worth of your SaaS product with tangible, real-world results. 

Metadata.io, a marketing automation software, wanted to get more demo bookings but had a limited marketing budget to work with. 

They eventually got 230% more demos by utilizing various lead magnets, such as case studies and webinars, to collect the information they needed to follow up with leads and incentivize demo bookings. 

2. Make pre-recorded demos 

The type of demo you’re offering also matters.

For instance, live demos can make prospects feel pressured into making a decision so they may avoid it altogether. That’s why you need a SaaS marketing strategy that’s less aggressive.

While live demos work wonders with the right leads, they can put off the majority because of time constraints and the perception that they’re too salesy. 

In fact, 71% of your customers prefer self-service processes that don’t require a human sales rep, according to a Nuance survey. This proves how appealing pre-recorded demos can be to your leads.

So what makes pre-recorded demos more appealing? 

It’s because you can easily get over 100 demo requests with pre-recorded videos because they allow your leads to learn about your software on their own terms.

book saas product demos

That said, you may be getting few qualified demos of your SaaS tool because of several other issues, and an experienced growth partner like Boterns can help you uncover exact bottlenecks.

Click here to book your discovery call so we learn more about your current lead generation challenges and figure out if we’re the right fit for your needs.

Vitally, a customer success platform, had trouble getting demo requests because users couldn’t interact with their tool as it wasn’t publicly embeddable. 

However, they decreased inbound tickets and got more prospects to book SaaS product demos using pre-recorded, interactive videos, which allowed users to explore their platform at a convenient time and pace.

3. Simplify your demo form 

Is your demo scheduling process shooting you in the foot?

If your demo form has a lot of fillable fields, your prospects may find this process to be very time-consuming and effort-intensive. 

When your product demo scheduling process is extremely complex, your prospects may feel that booking a demo of your tool isn’t worth the trouble. 

Online forms have an 80% abandonment rate, with users citing complications as the key reason for dropping out, as per a survey by The Manifest. So an overly complicated demo form may hurt your sales.

The good news is that you can make minor tweaks to your online demo forms that can get more prospects to book SaaS product demos of your SaaS platform. 

how to book more demo calls for your saas

You can start by reducing the number of steps your prospects have to take to complete a product demo form, by capturing only essential information that you need to schedule the demo and collecting other data afterward. 

Moreover, I’m certain you can increase demo bookings by displaying your privacy policy and by writing great SaaS blog articles that reassure leads of their data security. This may help you overcome their initial reservations about sharing their contact information.

River Logic, a business process management solution, had prospects visiting their demo page but not completing the demo forms. 

They eventually increased demo registrations by 127% by optimizing their demo form. More specifically, they reduced the number of form fields from four to one, which helped them to make their demo booking processes more effortless. 

4.  Use your homepage 

Prospects may first find you online via your homepage.

Just like an excellent SaaS brand name, it’s your SaaS company’s first impression and digital front door that can make or break customer experiences. 

However, you may find that many of your prospects will not make it past the home page, so if you don’t ask for a demo booking here, you can lose out.

ContentSquare discovered that visitors will spend 54 seconds on your homepage before leaving your website entirely. This substantiates the potential it holds to help you get more SaaS product demos.

So you should find creative ways to incentivize a demo booking on your home page by leveraging pop-up elements.  

book saas product demos

That said, your demo request pop-up should not be the first thing prospects see if you’re to crack how to book more demo calls for your SaaS. You should schedule it to appear after a certain scroll length, when they are more agreeable to a demo.

I also recommend sidebar and fixed position banners which can help you get at least 100 qualified demos of your software. Overall, you may get the best conversion rates with pop-up elements because they are less likely to be ignored.

Restroworks, a restaurant management solution, wanted to rework its homepage and other website content to attract more demo sign-ups

They were able to increase product demo calls by 52% by soliciting demo requests on the home page using pop-up elements and by making other design tweaks to their Contact Us page as well. 

5. Optimize your copy 

Bad copy may also be to blame for low demo bookings.

Your copy is essentially like a sales pitch that you’re giving to your prospects, and its quality will influence whether or not they decide to give your software a shot.

If you write copy that lacks clarity, neglects your unique selling point, or features a weak call-to-action, you may fail to convince your leads to book a demo.  

Semrush recently revealed that 45% of B2B marketers struggle to attract quality leads with their copy. Consequently, they’ve found it difficult to get more prospects to book SaaS product demos. 

So what’s the secret on how to book more demo calls for your SaaS? 

how to book more demo calls for your saas

Well, If you write great copy that addresses your customers’ challenges and features real-life evidence from a killer SaaS case study, you can easily get 100 demo calls for your SaaS platform

Better yet, partner with us and leverage our proven SaaS SEO strategies to create copy and general content that perfectly aligns with your SaaS solution and your target audience’s needs. 

Click here to book your free discovery call so we can learn more about your SaaS solution and determine how we can help you get more demo bookings.

Corestream, a voluntary benefits technology provider, was using PPC strategies to generate leads but this tactic was delivering poor results. 

By optimizing ad copy, they increased demo calls by 43%. In addition, this also helped them improve their conversion rates by 37%, which translated to more sales and subscription revenue. 

6. Add more landing pages

How many landing pages do you have? 

Landing pages help you provide a distraction-free environment, where you can channel focus to your product. However, using very few of them can constrict lead generation.

For instance, if you use very few product demo landing pages, you may find that you have fewer opportunities to interact with prospects.

HubSpot established that you stand to improve conversions by 55% if your SaaS company website has between 10-15 landing pages. Consequently, if you’re not using enough landing pages, you may be getting fewer leads & demo bookings because of it. 

So if you want more prospects to book demos of your SaaS product, you should increase the number of landing pages on your website or create one if you don’t have a landing page entirely. 

book saas product demos

With multiple landing pages, you can create persona-specific content that best appeals to different audiences, which can encourage them to schedule an appointment. 

Moreover, I believe the more landing pages you use on your website, the wider you’ll be casting your net because you can benefit from more lead magnets. If you get more leads, this may also mean more demo requests. 

Apptegga, a cybersecurity compliance software, wanted to get more leads for its business so it turned to website optimization. 

They ultimately increased demo requests by 200% by adding more landing pages to their current website and migrating to a new CRM platform. Additionally, they also became successful by revising their SEO strategy.

7. Leverage email marketing

Leads aren’t always initially open to your demo.

They may want to build familiarity with your brand first and get to a level where they feel that they trust your company enough to take the next step.

If you don’t consistently follow up with new leads, they may end up failing to book a product demo because of indecision and fading interest. 

Notably, a prospect may need to interact with your brand up to 8 times before they agree to an initial meeting like a product demo. So if you persistently follow up with leads, you can get 100 or more demo bookings. 

Follow-up calls can help you figure out how to book more demo calls for your SaaS company because they enable you to address initial reservations and challenges that your prospects may have about scheduling a demo of your SaaS platform.

how to book more demo calls for your saas

During follow-up, you can write great SaaS blog articles and share this content with your prospects to help them understand your product and SaaS brand better.

Want to write follow-up emails that convert? 

It helps to keep it brief, focus on just one action item, and answer questions that new leads typically have about your SaaS solution. 

Demio, a SaaS Webinar solution, desired to get more customers to book SaaS product demos of their tool within one week without using paid advertising. 

Via outbound prospecting using cold emails, they got 500 new demo requests & clients in just seven days. They achieved this very cost-efficiently by nurturing prospects through strategic email marketing. 

8. Personalize your demo page

Personalization is everything in effective SaaS marketing. 

Ultimately, if leads don’t feel connected to your brand and that your solutions aren’t specifically geared toward them, this can hurt your chances of getting a demo request.

If you don’t make your demo feel personal and specifically tailored for a reader, your SaaS company may struggle to generate sales-ready demo requests.

McKinsey discovered that 71% of consumers are frustrated with brands that don’t offer personalized customer experiences. So If you’re struggling to figure out how to book more demo calls for your SaaS software, a personalized demo page can help.

That said, how can you personalize demo pages?

book saas product demos

Well, you can use SaaS lead magnets like templates & surveys to collect personal information from prospects. This can enable you to recommend persona-based content & generally address unique needs and concerns. 

With this approach, you can make a lead feel valued and they may also feel like you best understand their concerns, which may encourage them to book demos of your software. 

You can also leverage geo-localization to help you adjust content on your demo page based on a prospect’s location to improve personalization further.

Clevertap, a customer engagement platform, was initially getting about 100 demo requests daily but they wanted to get even more.  

By including a personalized walk-through, they raised demo requests by 40%. This was also achieved by collecting important data on the demo page which enabled them to personalize experiences for their prospects. 

9.  Implement live chat 

Your customers may have concerns about the demo.

They may want to know how much of their time they’ll be giving up, if you’ll address their concerns, and whether your product demo is worth the effort.

If you can’t immediately provide support to customers to help alleviate various product demo concerns, they may fail to schedule an appointment.  

Freshworks found out that 80% of consumers say slow response time from brands can make them back out of a purchase. If we can correlate this to product demos, that means you may be losing many demo calls to delayed support.

In this guide on how to book more demo calls for your SaaS, I find automated live chat can help you provide timely customer support. 

how to book more demo calls for your saas

This can be an especially helpful tool if you’re starting a SaaS company and are short on human customer service agents but still want to get more prospects to book SaaS product demos of your SaaS software with an inexpensive solution.

So what type of chatbot should you get? 

I recommend a rule-based chatbot that has predefined responses covering common product demo concerns, which can help you clear doubts and easily get up to 100 qualified demos each month. 

EAB was finding it difficult to convert leads into clients because many prospects left their website without engaging the brand. 

They ultimately got 120% more demo requests within one year, while they also doubled the number of qualified leads for their brand overall. They achieved this primarily by using AI engagement assistants. 

10. Host a webinar 

Getting high-quality leads for your demo isn’t easy.

You may attract leads who lack a strong interest or need for your product, so you need to use excellent SaaS marketing strategies to reduce the risk of low-quality leads. 

If too many unqualified leads book a demo with your SaaS company, you may experience very high demo no-shows and low conversion rates.

As a matter of fact, you can increase demo requests by 56% every year via webinar marketing, according to a study by ON24. This shows how powerful webinars can be in helping you get more prospects to book SaaS product demos of your platform.

How can you create very effective webinars? 

To do that, I recommend that you schedule a webinar about a major challenge in your industry because this can help you get more attention and attendees. 

how to book more demo calls for your saas

If you’re to crack how to book more demo calls for your SaaS calls using webinars, you should focus on an industry challenge, as opposed to your product, so that it comes off as helpful and impartial. Then, you can introduce your software as a solution later on. 

To help make your webinar a success, you should also invite industry experts as guest speakers. 

Unbounce, a landing page builder, had a problem marketing its solution to its target audience and demo bookings were consequently low. 

They were able to increase demo requests by using webinars to interact with their audience in real time and provide instant feedback, break down important features, and discuss crucial trends in their SaaS industry. 


It’s hard to sell without demo requests.

Prospects may have deal-breaking doubts when they can’t see your software in action.

So if you have very few product demo signups, your SaaS companies may miss sales opportunities and this can hurt your bottom line. 

A Wyzowl survey discovered that 69% of consumers use product demos to facilitate purchase decisions. So if you’re not getting enough bookings, you may be losing out on SaaS sales.

If you’d like to crack how to book more demo calls for your SaaS company, you can use lead magnets, interactive videos, and simple forms to drive more signups.

Click here to book your free discovery call so we can learn more about your SaaS solution and how we can work together to help nail down more demo bookings.

During this call, we’ll get to know your SaaS software better and evaluate your current marketing tactics. We’ll also discuss an SEO strategy that can help your SaaS company land more sales.

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