10 Proven SaaS Blog Post Ideas to Complete Your Content Strategy

saas blog post ideas

Is your SaaS blog starved of traffic? 

It’s difficult to start a successful SaaS company if your blog performs poorly. 

With your SaaS blog an important source of leads, failing to get your content strategy right can lower sales and contribute to failure. 

Ahrefs alarmingly discovered that over 96% of SaaS content gets no organic traffic from Google, with low-quality content being a significant contributor. 

This is why I’ll be recommending the top SaaS content writing examples and posts, which can help you attract leads and achieve success. Moreover, you can use them to nurture prospects at different stages of their buying journeys more effectively. 

These content types may also assist you to generate better-quality traffic with high-buyer intent so that you can get more sign-ups for your software. 

In this article, we’ll explore proven SaaS blog post ideas to complete your content strategy and help you generate more leads and sales. 

Let’s get started.

1. Product roundups

SaaS buyers spend a lot of time on research.

Your leads may need to look up different products, perhaps even demo them out one at a time or read several SaaS case studies, before they can make a more informed decision.  

So if you don’t utilize SaaS product roundup posts to help your audience with their research, they may turn to a competing blog that does. 

It’s worth pointing out that 81% of buyers carry out online research before buying, such as examining product roundup posts, according to a study by GE. In other words, you can generate very strong leads with roundup posts. 

The great thing with this type of content is that you can reach consumers who are at the very low end of your sales funnel and are usually ready to buy. 

saas blog post ideas

That being said, a great roundup post is just one aspect of an excellent blog. You need a multi-faceted content marketing strategy to get more organic traffic. 

Want to learn more about effective content marketing? 

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Glassix, a customer support platform, was targeting many low buyer intent keywords and generally had an underperforming content marketing strategy. 

We helped them double their weekly trial signups within 90 days. They achieved this using product-led content marketing which involved the use of round-up posts, as well as high-quality link-building tactics. 

2. How-to posts

Your leads have various problems in their line of work.

If you fail to identify and connect with them via their everyday struggles, you may find it very challenging to generate new leads, let alone make more sales, for your SaaS product.

When you don’t voice and address your customers’ problems, you may not be able to nurture your leads and they could lose interest in your SaaS brand.  

In fact, Statista established that 77% of blogs use how-to articles more than any other type, which easily makes them one of the most popular SaaS blog post ideas. 

So how do you write a how-to article?  

When you’re writing SaaS blog articles of this nature, I recommend that you use methodical steps to make them easy to follow and skim.

saas content writing examples

It’s also important that you start by picking a topic that aligns with your audience’s most pressing needs. For instance, if you’re selling a small business accounting software, you can create an article such as “How to improve your small business accounting.”

This way, you can help solve a critical issue for your audience, while still finding a way to organically promote your product as one of the solutions. 

Hirely Health, which is an employee recruitment and management platform, noticed a plateau in the organic traffic of their blog.

They eventually generated 127% more organic traffic by revising their content marketing strategy to include more how-to posts and other strategic content pieces that enabled them to showcase their product’s abilities fully. 

3. Customer success stories 

Can’t generate SaaS sales from your blog? 

Social proof demonstrates and proves the real-life value of your product. It shows that your tool has been put to the test and delivered verifiable results that prove it works.

If you don’t include enough social proof pieces in your blog, such as customer success stories, you may have a really hard time converting your leads.

Demand Gen discovered that 97% of leads say that the most reliable form of content when making purchases is customer testimonials. This clearly shows the crucial role that they play in helping you get SaaS sales over the line.

Crucially, I find that customer success stories work best on soft leads because they can help you forge trust and get this new relationship off on the right foot by demonstrating the real-world value of your SaaS solution. 

saas blog post ideas

When it comes to success stories, you may notice that the best SaaS content writing examples tend to quantify the impact through measurable benefits which can help your benefits to feel tangible and achievable. 

That said, I also wrote this article on how to write SaaS case studies, which may provide inspiration to help you create top-notch success stories.

HR Cloud, which is a customizable HR solutions provider, was not generating enough organic leads consistently due to a very crowded marketplace.

Within one month, they were able to increase organic traffic by 16x. This came about due to strategic content development based on diverse content strategies that included customer success stories. 

4. Statistics posts 

Getting great backlinks is not a walk in the park. 

If you lack quality content like statistics posts & effective roundup posts, for example, highly reputable websites will have little need to link back to your SaaS blog.  

With the success of your SaaS blog also dependent on your backlinks, you can experience poor search visibility due to a lack of backlink-worthy content. 

Moz established that 58% of content marketers struggle with link building and coming up with SaaS blog post ideas for such campaigns. This emphasizes the need for content-driven, link-building that makes it easier for you to get quality backlinks.

But how can statistics posts get you quality backlinks? 

With statistics posts where you curate statistics into one article, you can increase your chances of getting referenced and linked to by very high-authority websites. 

saas content writing examples

However, there’s a more effortless way for you to build your backlinks.

For instance, you can partner with us to leverage specialized link-building strategies to help you improve link relevance, diversity, and quality. We can take this burden off your workflow so you can focus on growing your SaaS tool. 

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Remote, an employee management solution, wanted to improve their online visibility and they determined that blogging was the best way to do that.

Within six months, they improved blog keyword visibility by 82%. They accomplished this by optimizing old content on the website and creating new content such as statistics compilation articles.  

5. Infographic summaries 

Text-heavy blog content may perform poorly.

That’s largely because most of your SaaS audience prefers visual content, instead, which tends to be more appealing and easier to digest in comparison.

If your SaaS blog is full of text-heavy content, your articles can feel overwhelming and this can decrease engagement and reduce your page view durations.

A Frontiers study revealed that 65% of people are visual learners & that attention spans reduce when reading mostly revolves around text. Therefore, infographic summaries are crucial SaaS content writing examples to make your SaaS blog exciting.

So how can infographic summaries help your SaaS brand? 

This type of content is ideal if you’re looking to nurture customers who are in the awareness stage because they can help you reinforce industry authority and improve brand recognition.

saas blog post ideas

That said, there are various types of infographics at your disposal. You can use statistical infographics to curate industry data or create flowchart infographics that help your audience solve a particular problem in a series of steps.

As part of your SaaS marketing strategies, you may also create a feature review infographic. This can help you convey your SaaS product’s benefits to your audience more memorably.

Shutterfly, an image-sharing service, launched a new blog but they needed SEO-driven  SaaS blog post ideas to help them get going. 

In three years, they increased monthly traffic to 2.5 million visits, which was largely down to the over 500 unique pieces of content, including infographics, that they created during that period. 

6. Original research articles 

Would you like your SaaS blog to stand out? 

When you leverage overused content and SaaS marketing strategies that are generic and available practically everywhere online, you may not deliver distinct value to your audience.

If you fail to create original content that gives your SaaS blog a unique advantage, you may find it extremely difficult to stand out. 

In fact, GrowthBadger revealed that 50% of bloggers said that original research articles ranked among some of their best-performing posts. So if you’re short on unique SaaS blog post ideas, now you know just where to begin.  

An original research article involves you carrying out research on a particular topic and presenting these findings as an article to your audience. 

saas content writing examples

You may find this type of article to be very effective at helping your SaaS brand get more media exposure because news publications have a penchant for original research articles that can help them generate viral headlines. 

To create a great research article, you may need to perform a survey or study to get the first-hand data that you need. It’s also important that you base your research around a problem that’s significant enough to attract attention. 

TrueFort, a SaaS cybersecurity solution, was struggling to establish a strong brand presence as a new product in a competitive market. 

Within a year, they doubled organic traffic to their SaaS blog by leveraging a variety of content marketing strategies, which notably entailed publishing case studies and original research papers.

7. Deep dive posts 

Shallow posts can chase away your audience.

Leads may turn to your website for a piece of information, and then quickly leave to get more detailed information elsewhere.

With shallow posts that don’t comprehensively explore the subject matter, you may not fully address reader concerns and so you may lose leads.

In fact, you can bring in nearly 200% more revenue by using long-form content like deep dive posts compared to short-form content. This makes a case for just how powerful these articles can be if you want to generate more sales from your SaaS blog.

So what’s the ideal length of a deep dive post? 

saas blog post ideas

I find that deep dive posts having 3000 words or more present an excellent opportunity for you to bolster your SaaS brand’s authority. They additionally present more keyword ranking opportunities that can help you boost SEO rankings.

In terms of effective SaaS content writing examples with deep-dive posts, you can try to create detailed “What is…” guides such as “What is a codeless website builder? The complete guide for creating great websites 10x faster.” 

You can review this topic comprehensively by delving into categories and subcategories that can help you establish your brand as a subject matter expert.

FileCenter was getting a lot of organic search traffic but very little of it was converting to free trial sign-ups and SaaS sales. 

However, we helped them increase conversion rates to 10.83% within just three months of our partnership. We achieved this by creating over 24 pieces of long-form content, including deep dive posts. 

8. Opinion posts 

Your content needs to feel personal.

It has to connect with your reader at a very intimate level if it is to perform well. This connection can help you develop a relationship with your audience, which may eventually enable them to trust your SaaS brand.

Otherwise, if your articles feel distant, faceless, and cold, you may have a hard time cutting through the noise and making yourself memorable & trustworthy. 

Orbit Media discovered that 43% of marketers frequently use opinion articles to help them generate more attention for their blogs. So you shouldn’t overlook them when shortlisting SaaS blog post ideas for your content strategy. 

These types of articles are particularly excellent when you want to convert hard leads because they can be very evocative and engaging. 

saas content writing examples

Speaking of leads, I also strongly recommend that you check out this other article I wrote on writing great product roundups as they can be excellent lead magnets as well.

Want to keep your customers engaged? 

Well, you can get more blog activity in terms of comments with opinion posts, so I find that this makes them one of the top SaaS blog post ideas if you want to build a sense of community and keep subscribers active.

Web Analytics software, FullSession, had a domain authority ranking of just two and had no referring domains and backlinks when it started.

Within four months, they generated 500 leads from 16 articles. These blog posts encompassed a host of content formats that also frequently featured opinion pieces that helped them raise more brand awareness.  

9. Listicles 

You can write great content and still get low traffic.

This may happen because your regular articles and their titles are potentially not appealing enough to create urgency and expectation, both of which can entice click-throughs.

With unnumbered and unstructured articles that are often hard to analyze and engage with, your SaaS blog can struggle to generate great traffic. 

A Backlinko study revealed that listicles get 218% more traffic and shares than most blog post types, which I believe makes them a must-use content format if you want to increase the success of your SaaS blog very quickly. 

If you want to create content for leads who are often too busy to complete reading regular articles, list-type posts are an excellent choice. 

saas content writing examples

You can even turn your listicles into eBooks & use them as great lead magnets to help you obtain data for lead nurturing. 

So how can you create great listicles for your SaaS blog? 

It’s essential that you outline the number of steps involved, stick to valuable takeaways, and use category buckets for longer lists to help you keep it tidy. This will enable you to create valuable listicles that leads will be more likely to read and share. 

Myos, an asset management solution, created poorly researched articles that didn’t really bring in any traffic for their SaaS blog.

In six months, they increased product signups by 227.9%, which they primarily achieved through astute content marketing that involved the use of listicles and other popular SaaS content formats in their blog.

10. News & trends articles 

Finding it hard to generate interest in your blog? 

It might be because you’re not covering industry happenings as often enough as your competitors, and so your audience may have little reason to follow you.

Worse yet, if your blog feels out of touch with the pulse of your SaaS industry, your audience may feel that your SaaS solutions also lag behind. 

HubSpot has established that 42% of readers follow blogs specifically to keep up with news and trends in their industry. Therefore, I believe they are one of the best SaaS blog post ideas because they appeal to a huge portion of your audience.  

With news & trends articles, you can nurture existing subscribers so that they keep coming back to your blog and this can help you reduce your churn rates. 

saas blog post ideas

They can also help you capitalize on the industry influence of more established players, which is especially key if you’re starting a SaaS company and want to grow your online presence quickly. 

In terms of SaaS content writing examples, one way you can go about creating viral news & trends articles is by conducting industry interviews and then publishing these sessions as articles in your SaaS blog.

ClickFunnels, a drag-and-drop sales funnel builder, experienced flat-lining traffic that largely stemmed from generic content. 

However, they generated 52 net new leads when they changed their content strategy. They achieved this in two months by using unique content marketing strategies such as writing interview articles with top industry executives.


An underperforming blog costs you money.

It may necessitate that you use costly paid advertising strategies, which can greatly undermine your bottomline.

Over time, your business may become unsustainable if you have to heavily rely on paid advertising, which can really eat into your revenue.

In fact, 68% of SaaS startups confessed to spending over 75% of their revenue on marketing, according to a Spendflo survey. This shows how important organic marketing strategies like blogging are. 

With the right SaaS blog post ideas and content, you can attract very high-quality traffic and reduce your dependence on paid advertising.

Click here to schedule your free discovery call now so we can learn more about your SaaS product and your challenges.

You’ll get to learn more about our experience and content marketing strategies during this call, while we’ll also seek to understand your goals better to determine if we are the right partners to help you grow.

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